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Trafalgar Costsaver Tours 2022 & 2023: Value Trafalgar Tours

Costsaver Tours, owned by Trafalgar Tours, provides budget tours that offer incredible experiences and value, whether you're a first-time traveler or a repeat guest. You'll enjoy iconic sights, quality hotels, and up to half your evening meals all covered in one low, set price.

Travel with confidence because these trips are operated by Trafalgar tours, an industry leader in escorted vacations. Their 70 years of expertise give us the knowledge and buying power to create amazing tours at an unbeatable price, even compared to leading competitors. Packed full of quality inclusions, we give you so much more for your money on every no-hassle trip.

Exceed your expectations, not your budget, as you explore Europe and North America in 2022 and 2023 the Costsaver Tours way.

Trafalgar Costsaver Tours 2022 & 2023 Styles

Trafalgar Costsaver has set styles that exceed expectations, but not budget, with destinations that include Europe and North America:

  1. Country Explorer: Explore one country in detail, for a deeper appreciation of the destination's people and culture.
  2. Regional Experiences: Explore a region in two or more countries. Whether the Alps or the Mediterranean, we'll make sure your journey of discovery is as in-depth as it is enjoyable.
  3. Discoveries:  Perfectly planned, these vacations move effortlessly from one country or iconic sight to the next. Featuring different inclusions, they are the ideal way to explore the diversity of a region like Europe on one trip. Ranging from 9 to 31 days, they offer you a different style of travel.
  4. Panorama Tours:  Perfect to see multiple countries and cultures or to discover as many places as possible in 25 to 31 days.

Trafalgar Costsaver Destinations Offered

Costsaver offers itineraries in the destinations listed below:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America

Costsaver 2022 & 2023 Deals

Naturally, with a value tour operator, such as Costsaver, comes discounts and chances to save money on incredible touring experiences. The following offers are currently available for 2022 and 2023 Costsaver tours:

  • Family Experience Savings: On top of the usual savings and specials that come with Trafalgar Costsaver tours and trips, all itineraries categorized as "Family Experiences" provide additional opportunities to save. You are able to get 5% price reductions for groups of five to eight guests, room share reductions for triples and quads, and the ability to combine rate reduction with the below-described "Young Traveler Discount."
  • Frequent Traveler Discount: Guests that have already traveled with Costsaver have chances to save and benefit from touring again! This also means that these benefits apply to you if you decide to come back after your first trip as well.  As a returning traveler, you can expect priority access to new trips as they come out with guaranteed dates, 5% off trips when new seasons are announced, secret sales only offered to past guests and special guest recognition on your trips.
  • Second Trip Discount: As an added bonus to the frequent traveler discount, your second trip is 2.5% cheaper than its offer price for only you.  If you book two trips over six days in length, you'll automatically save 2.5% on land portions of the shorter vacation.
  • Triple Room Share Reduction: With Costsaver Deals, a triple occupancy room grants a price reduction to all involved for land portions of trips.
  • Young Traveler Discount: Little ones and teenagers get a special discount on Costsaver tours. If a child on your trip is between 5 and 17, they will get a 10% discount on the land-only portion of their vacation.  This can be used in combination with the Family Experience Savings offered by Costsaver to add to your overall savings on Costsaver Value Tours.

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