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Trust Your Group to Us...

We have Group Travel Experts on staff that will seamlessly plan your trip from start to finish– creating a personalized travel page for your group, online payments for the group, and we ensure you and your guests get the best rates possible. 

Coordinating a group can be time consuming and require careful planning. However, most people that are left in charge of coordinating such groups end up making the common mistake of booking each of their guests individually leaving cruise lines and tour operators with a building full of lucrative amenities you should be earning.

As a group leader, you stand to earn a FREE vacation with a land package or FREE Cash or Onboard Credit on a cruise. Depending on the size of your group, you stand the chance of earning cash or credit over and over and over, if your group is big enough!

Why Book With Atlas ?
We plan your vacation at no extra cost
Dedicated group website for marketing & online booking

Dedicated Team of Group Travel Experts

One Step Planning. We handle all the details

Our relationships with suppliers for over 30 years allow for competitive pricing

How Many Travelers Do You Need To Be Considered A Group?

For a cruise you'll require sixteen (16) guests to fill up eight (8) cabins. This merits half the base cost of the least expensive cabin in your group, which can be utilized as a discount for yourself or for the group. The number to keep in mind is 16; every group of 16 people you bring into your own merits half the base cost of the least expensive cabin you have.

For a guided tour, terms are set up differently, but the benefits are the same. For example some tour operators consider eight (8) people a group while others consider ten (10) to be a group. In the end, regardless of which operator you decide on, groups of 8 or 10 merit half the cost of one (1) person traveling. Once you're at sixteen (16) people, the savings goes from half to the full cost of one (1) person traveling.

Check out the table below to see differences:

Cruise Group Size/Merit
Land Package Group Size/Merit
16 Guests = 1/2 Base Cabin Cost 10 Guests = 1/2 Base Tour Cost
32 Guests = FULL Base Cabin Cost 16 Guests = FULL Base Cruise Cost
48 Guests = 1.5 Cabin Cost 26 Guests = 1.5 Tour Cost

In terms of how much you can gain by by commanding a big enough group is endless. If the base cost of a 3-day cruise is (hypothetically) $270.00 per person + taxes & port charges, the amount you stand to make by having a group of 16 guests is: $270.00. Bring 32 guests and that amount just doubled. The same applies to land packages. It's pretty exciting stuff!

Now that you know what you stand to gain, where will you be taking your group? Are you taking your group on a cruise, escorted tour, or are you thinking of setting up something tailor-made? Here's a look at your choices:

Types of Group Travel


If you've cruised, then you already have an idea of how much fun a cruise group can be. In addition to being fun and relaxing, cruising is a smart choice for the money - Unpack Once, Visit Several Destinations On One Itinerary, Food & Entertainment Included In Package Price. If you haven’t cruised, we'll explain the incredible variety of options that are available to ensure that you choose the right ship... Cruise ships today have become the destination with vessels that can accommodate well over 5,000 guests, include more than one rock-climbing wall, neighborhoods (Central Park & Boardwalk), golf & surfing simulators!

Guided Vacations

More travelers are discovering the value of traveling on a guided vacation. Total package price includes Accommodations, Meals, Sightseeing, Transportation, & Tour Director. Unlike a cruise, guided vacations take you on an adventure that can span up to a few days in each city as opposed to several hours. visiting Rome via cruise, the port of Civitavecchia is located over an hour away from Rome's city center; this cuts into sightseeing time where with a tour, you're in the heart of it all! Furthermore, comparing apples to apples, a guided vacation with all its components is at least 30% less compared to doing it all yourself - think experiential!

Customized Vacations

As professional travel consultants, our ultimate goal is to make your travel dreams come true. That being said, what better way to make that happen than to create a unique one of a kind vacation for you and your group? It may seem extravagant in price, but when you break it down per person, the cost for a villa and staff in Tuscany is less than you think. How about a destination wedding? A Church Retreat? A birthday bash? Bachelorette party? Or a family reunion in the Caribbean? The possibilities are endless!

Booking everyone in your group individually will not win you all the amenities available had you booked your group as a group in the first place. As a group leader or the person everyone contacts to coordinate the annual family reunion or office getaway, we would make sure you earn all you can to provide your group with everything it would need to deem the trip successful for everyone involved.


Compare The Difference Between Group & Individual Reservations

Consider the differences between these two options
when booking your group:


Group Travel Individual Reservation
Receive amenities such as 1-hour cocktail parties
Coordinator receives TCs when 10+ people travel. This means that once you reach group level, the base (per person) cost is provided as a credit.
Easy-to-book, varying itineraries X  
Optional Group Travel Protection Plan ia available and at a more reasonable rate due to volume booked.
Dedicated sales & service specialists X
Names are not required at time of booking. In fact, all we would need is your name as coordinator & group name.

Dedicated Online Booking Engine for you and your guests to book

Complimentary rooms, upgrades and other added values are just the beginning when booking your group as a group.

Flexible payment plans X

Name changes permitted all the way up to balance due date. However, things could get sticky when air is involved.

If you are interested in finding out more information about traveling with your own group visit our group form.

If you are part of an existing group you can go to Join My Group or Manage My Profile

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Customer support
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